PiX - Interaction Notation for UX Design

PiX is a visual language specially crafted to define and model user experience within digital services. We need a design deliverable that can encapsule the flow of interaction, the quality of the experience we're proposing to the user, to our…

Everything you need to know about Google's Spaces chat app

Google's Spaces is a solid start for discussing common interests or planning events with friends, but it has a long way to go to take on established apps. In case you haven’t heard, Google today released a new messaging app called Spaces.…

The essential usability checklist for web apps - InVision Blog

5 things you should get right in any screen. Editor’s note: This is a chapter from Jane Portman’s new book, The UI Audit. User interface design is an amazing industry: it originates from the 10,000 foot view of business strategy, while…