15 Best Adventure Instagram Accounts

For a long time, there were only a few publications that helped curious readers get glimpses of the broader world. There was TIME, Life, the National Geographic, and if you were lucky enough to have access to a really good one – the encyclopedia. These magazines and books were filled with striking images of far out places that didn’t just inform and entertain, but inspired people to travel themselves. The internet changed all of that.

Like everything, the rise of social media decentralized travel and adventure photography. Photographers no longer need to go through editors holed up in big office buildings in New York or D.C. to share their photos with the world. All they have to do is hit “post” on their smartphone. As result, the social media platform is filled with amazing photographers of all stripes. You can just as easily follow award-winning and professionally trained photojournalists as you can keep tabs on an independent photographer who shares images taken on the fly during their personal travels. We thought it would be fun to go through and highlight what we think are some of the Best Adventure Instagram accounts out there today. Take a scroll through – you may find some folks you follow already, and some others you’ve never heard of.

Source: 15 Best Adventure Instagram Accounts | HiConsumption