Use this exercise to solve any Product Design Challenge

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You can solve pretty much anything with this cheeky little exercise

UX design, product design, service design — whatever you’re into — in the end, if you’re creating value, what you’re really doing is creative problem solving. It’s is the only non-commodatisable attribute of the design process, the only part of the process that you can’t just throw money at to get done right. It’s being able to assess what the real challenges are, prioritise them, produce solutions and measure their effectivity. Creative problem solving is a cornerstone skill that separates good designers from the best designers. Everything else is production work.
The problem with anything that requires creative thinking however, is that it’s easy to get lost—lose focus and fall into the trap of having useless, open-ended, unstructured discussions. Many products end up being released late and full of compromises to the original vision simply because the team is so fatigued from bashing heads together on endless, unprioritised problems.

Source: Use this exercise to solve any Product Design Challenge