FLECTR 2.0 – The Ultra Performance Wheel Reflector

FLECTR is the world´s first wheel reflector which combines stylish design with state-of-the-art reflection and outstanding aerodynamics. Weightless and paper-thin FLECTR fits every type of spoke like a glove. Its advanced reflection technology meets the high standards of police & rescue vehicles in the U.S. and Europe and the its narrow profile has no aerodynamic drag. On top of that, the resource-friendly production helps to save thousands of tons of plastic waste. Initiated in 2015, this radical new design now comes in version 2.0 with enhanced reflectivity. Available in silver and yellow FLECTR matches all regional needs world-wide. FLECTR means more safety for demanding cyclists – Be smart, be seen, be safe!


Source: FLECTR 2.0 – The Ultra Performance Wheel Reflector

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